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Westwind Receives National Recognition

Westwind Sailing is nationally recognized at the US Sailing, National Sail Programs Symposium.

US Sailing presented the Ten Years of Hallmark Performance Award to Westwind Sailing for its progressive educational boating programs and outstanding community service. The award was presented at the National Sail Programs Symposium in New Orleans this past winter.

Westwind is honored to be recognized for its dedication to community safe boating education at the OC Sailing & Events Center (OCSEC). “In celebrating 27 years of services, we have endured ups and downs and have remained determined to keep our door open for the community,” states Diane Wenzel, executive director and founder of Westwind Sailing.

In presenting this award, US Sailing highlighted some of Westwind’s achievements:

“In 2008, Westwind partnered with the Adaptive Kinesiology department of Saddleback College and launched the adaptive boating program. This program is designed to provide on-the-water therapy and to teach safe boating and sailing to individuals with special needs.”

Westwind was instrumental in the creation of the Dana Point Aquatic Foundation (DPAF) in 2010, which provides scholarships for at risk youth and boaters with special needs. This partnership along with the Cal Boating Aquatic Center Grant enables over one hundred participants per year to experience safe boating completely free of charge.

Westwind’s newest program, ‘Sail Into Science,’ incorporates boating and STEM education. Through partnerships with US Sailing REACH, Cal Boating, DPAF, Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Clubs and Great Opportunities, 16 kids participated in Westwind’s pilot ‘Sail Into Science’ course this past fall.

US Sailing’s Stu Gilfillan commented, “This award represents Westwind’s success in serving over 40,000 people in the last 27 years. We look forward to supporting their continuing outreach, innovations and community partnerships for many years to come.”

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