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WW Spotlight - Licini

Westwind Admin Assitant, Rachel, had an opportunity to get to know John, Irene and Snookie Licini and interview the family for our spotlight. Here's her story:

Who are the Licini's?
The Liciniís are a couple who moved to DP in 1987, raised 2 children, JJ and Lisa, and are now raising their third child, Snookie a water loving Jack Russel Terrier. John used to be a partner in a chain of Sizzler Steakhouses. Ten years ago when he sold his Sizzlers, John went into retirement and had to figure out what to do with all of his spare time - what other to do than paddle! Irene was a ballerina for most of her life and is a profound artist. She now spends most of her waking hours painting, paddling and going to yoga classes. Snookie is a happy little pup whoís favorite pass times are hunting lizards, keeping the backyard free of rats and going paddle boarding with her parents.

How long have you been paddling?
4 years.

What got you into SUP?
During a walk with friends around the harbor, Irene noticed some people doing Stand Up Paddle and decided to give it a try. She and her friends loved it so much that they all joined the SUP Club with Westwind Sailing and started going almost every day. The Liciniís had just gotten Snookie and at the ripe age of 6 months old, Irene started taking her out on the paddle board. Snookie just sat on Ireneís feet and was so scared, but then saw the other dogs doing SUP with their parents and soon became a proud, confident Stand Up Paddler. John saw Irene and Snookie having such a great time doing SUP that he decided to give it a try. After much practice, john was able to stand up and paddle!

What is it about paddling that makes you crave it?
John: The feeling of being out on the open water, the salty air seems to clear your thoughts as well as your sinuses. I love playing on the sandbar with Snookie and seeing the different wildlife depending on how far you venture out. Once I was in the harbor and six dolphins came into the harbor and almost tipped our boards over! Itís also a great core exercise. As Steve taught me, it is not about upper body strength, itís all about core strength.

Irene: The salt air is very refreshing and helps with my allergies. I like the serenity of going around the island and seeing the wildlife. I also love talking to people who ask about Snookie, who is very popular around the harbor!

What have you gained from SUP?
John: I have lost weight, strengthened my core muscles, increased my balance, gotten a nice tan and have found a place of serenity. I have also made lots of great friends with the very professional and fun staff at Westwind sailing. To sum it up,what makes paddleboarding so great is it is safe,great exercise and almost anyone can learn after a couple tries.It is a sport you can do by yourself or socially . You can get you own board or join the S.U.P Club at Westwind and just show up with your paddling attire.

Irene: SUP has allowed me to find a real sense of serenity. I also find that it increases my energy levels.

What is Sooky's favorite part about paddle boarding?
The sand bar because it is a dog paradise!!

If you could Sup anywhere in the world, where would it be?
John: I would like to paddle on the coast of Poipu, Kauai with my snorkeling gear with me on my sup.

Irene: Dana Point harbor when there is no wind!
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