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SUP Yoga with I Heart Yoga in the Park

Elsa started her fitness journey as a personal trainer but turned to yoga after finding she was constantly tight and stiff. Elsa claims it was “love at first class” and decided to get her Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2008. Not long after, she started a donation-based class at Lantern Bay Park in Dana Point . This class became a so successful that she decided to branch out into SUP Yoga after attending a workshop. Elsa says “the core work, the balance, the water, the sunshine, the salt in the air, all the smiling faces as we practiced together on the boards, I knew this was something I wanted to do!” So she partnered with us here at Westwind Sailing last summer to bring you SUP Yoga in Dana Point Harbor. Elsa says “I approached Diane at Westwind last summer with the idea of doing a paddle board yoga workshop. She had the boards and this great program going in the harbor, I had hundreds of yogis up on the hill; it just seemed like a great idea to unite the two. It was an instant success!”

If you’re looking to combine your love of Stand-Up Paddling and Yoga this summer, why not try a SUP Yoga class?! Westwind Sailing will be hosting SUP Yoga taught by the talented Elsa Stephen of I Heart Yoga in the Park.

Westwind Sailing: Where is your favorite place to paddle and practice yoga?

Elsa: “This is gonna sound cheesy, but the Dana Point Harbor! It’s home! I like that I can get here in a few minutes and meet up with friends or family at any time for yoga and a paddle or a paddle then happy hour! But I did just get back from Tulum where I paddled in a sink hole that was beautiful!”

Westwind Sailing: If you could paddle anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Elsa: Tahiti! Bora Bora! Really anywhere in the French Polynesia area!! Give me some warm turquoise crystal clear water and let me go!! Booyah!

We'll be posting dates for SUP Yoga clinics and other great SUP Yoga events. Stay tuned!
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