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A Huge WIN for Save Baby Beach!

The Save Baby Beach Coalition was founded in 2011 to protect and ensure Baby Beach at Dana Point Harbor remain free of any impactful development as proposed by the original Dana Point Harborsí environmental impact report (EIR) which as planned was going to severely block public access to the basin in front of Baby Beach and negatively affect the overall environment and use of the area. 25% of the shoal area used for public safe boating education would have been lost with construction of the proposed docks. With the help of over 750 individual citizens, Standup Paddle Alliance, Westwind Sailing, Dana Point Aquatic Foundation and many other groups and friends, volunteers worked, signed petitions, extended outreach through social media, provided detailed information to the local communities and clearly communicated our specific grievance with the plan and recommendations to the County. Our goal was to ensure that any future plans for Dana Point Harbor Improvement protected key areas for the public, bathers, boaters, paddle sports and the areas they use from adverse development.

In response to both oral and written comments, the County revised the EIR and removed the plans to expand docks in and around Baby Beach and lessen the impact to the Educational Basin. This effort worked to reduce all significant and avoidable impacts to a level of near insignificance and achieve most of our goals to mitigate the concerns of the public. County and Harbor officials also claimed that the coalition will be involved in discussing and potentially influencing any design alternatives that may be considered as the project moves to a design phase. We believe that the good faith efforts to recognize the broader communitiesí concerns was heard and look forward to having the County continue to work with the Coalition and the public at large as the County moves from concept, design to development. Given the response and assurances by the County, we are confident that the revised design in the SEIR eliminates the adverse impact at Baby Beach area that was originally proposed. We look forward to working with members of the coalition, its partner organizations and County employees by working collaborative and addressing the communities concerns of the public throughout the OC Dana Point Harbor Improvement project.

The Coalition wishes to thank everyone who made this possible!
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