Westwind Sailing was created in 1987 to work in cooperation with the County of Orange, OC Sailing & Events Center in providing safe boating and sailing education for the general public. Its dedicated and passionate staff helped grow Westwind Sailing and expand to new locations and communities – most notably Lake Mission Viejo in 1998. Twenty years and 25,000 students later, we are still committed to our students and our mission:

“To provide education in boating and water safety and to teach respect for the aquatic environment; to promote self-esteem and reliance through sailing instruction; and to create an atmosphere that is safe, fun and encourages personal success.”

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and the reputation we’ve developed in the community. We have been recognized nationally as well and honored by the Community Sailing Council of US Sailing – the National Governing Body of Sailing.

Excellence in Sailing Instruction: 1994
Outstanding Year-Round Sailing Program: 1999, 2005
Outstanding Director of a Year-Round Program: 2006

Our Locations:

OC Sailing & Events Center

In the mid 1970’s, a group of dedicated individuals and organizations began petitioning the Orange County board of supervisors to build a multiuse public boating facility utilizing State Tideland funds. A consortium was formed to advise the County regarding construction details and operational issues. Ten years later, in 1985, the Dana Point Youth & Group Facility opened on Columbus Day. In order to more accurately reflect its mission, the facility changed names in January 2008 to the OC Sailing & Events Center. The center is complete with expanded docks, 3 beautiful buildings, classrooms, rentable conference rooms, kitchen facilities, storage and showers.

The OC Sailing & Events Center is supported by the California Department of Boating and Waterways. The Department allocates funds for boating facilities, boating safety education and supports boating law enforcement in California. A portion of the equipment at the Center is provided by the Department to enhance boating safety education in California.

Westwind Sailing works in cooperation with the OC Sailing & Events Center to support its mission:

"Providing sailing and water based experiences to our community while also hosting social and business events at our harbor location."

Westwind is proud to represent the OC Sailing & Events Center in community events such as the Whale Festival, Dana Point Boat Show and the Tall Ships Festival.

Lake Mission Viejo Association

Lake Mission Viejo is a beautiful, 124 acre, fresh water lake, 15 miles from the coast in Orange County, Southern California. The lake was opened to members of Mission Viejo in 1978. There are 2 member beaches at the lake featuring sandy areas, volleyball, playgrounds, fishing, snack bars. The lake provides boat rentals and club house rental for its members and hosts the Lake Mission Viejo Yacht Club.

Recreation course and activities are paramount to the lake and are featured year round in the Discovery and Noticias publications. Westwind Sailing has been an integral part of boating programs offered at the lake since 1998 acting as the lake’s sailing school and participating in the Safety Fair and Lakefest Regatta.